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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

My individual sessions are $100 for 60 mins

Certification groups (4 persons) over 5 weeks at 2 hrs each week: $500 per person

How do you identify?

I am a multi-racial, cisgender, heterosexual female. I am a Caribbean woman and world citizen! I love working with people of different cultures and am blessed to do so daily. Whoever you may be, you are welcome to connect to see if we have a fit!


I am an Approved Consultant with the Racial Equity Support Initiative (RESI) of the EMDRIA Foundation. If you are a BIPOC therapist with an interest in certification or becoming a consultant, you may want to look at the program

How do I choose the right consultant for me?

What can I expect when I initially contact you?

I believe in going with your gut! Many consultants have their qualifications and specialties on their websites and/or social media and there is of course word-of-mouth and reputation. Additionally, I suggest you listen to their voices and observe their faces and body language as you watch videos of them. Give them a call, send an email or message, perhaps have a free 15-20 minute consult if they offer it and FEEL how you respond to them.

Before our first session, I usually offer a free 20 minute meet-and-greet to determine if we are a great fit and understand what your goals are for consultation. Once we agree to work together, I email you my contract, the scheduling link and payment link along with any pertinent information you may need.

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