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The Purpose of Consultation is

To increase confidence, improve outcomes & see opportunities for yourself

I am honored and delighted to support you in your professional EMDR journey. As you would expect, consultation addresses your better understanding, application and appreciation for the modality and how to use it to improve the therapeutic outcomes of your clients and consultees.

That increases your confidence and in turn, you discern more opportunities within your work to become more creative (whilst adhering to the fundamentals of the standard protocol) - not just creative with your clients or consultees, but with interweaves, your own contribution to the field, innovative ways to inculcate other techniques, and more.

You also find unique ways to support your own body, mind and spirit as you serve others in such a deeply intimate, rewarding but also draining way. I wish to support you along all the  revelations of consultation.

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Who is Oraine?

Oraine has been in private practice for the past 14 years in her home country of Trinidad & Tobago. In addition to trauma she also works with essential oils, flower essences, shadow work, dreams and nightmares all of which she happily incorporates into consultation as needed.


Specializing in Sexual & Reproductive Trauma Consults

Sexual Trauma

Far too many of our clients will come to us with this sacred rupture and we need to know how to best not further compound their suffering.


Faith and belief in something greater than ourselves plays a pervasive role in our daily living. Even no belief system affects how we perceive the world and how we heal - and how we consult.


If there is complex trauma, we can be sure there is dissociation. Confidence in working with our dissociated clients starts with a healthy dose of knowledge and continued learning.

Dreams & Nightmares

Dreams and nightmares offer us a rich playing field to support our clients using their own unconscious material. There is a connection to nightmares and trauma as well as suicide risk.

Menstrual Concerns

If you work with women you cannot avoid the topic of hormones, PMS/PMDD/PME, endometriosis or menopause. Often we do not address these changes in women's lives and they do affect our therapeutic interventions.

Alternative Medicine

Look to nature and our plant allies! If you'd like to learn how to incorporate aromatherapy and flower essence therapy safely and gently into your work, I am happy to guide you!

What You Get From Me

I have 14 years of working exclusively with women & trauma

I can incorporate somatic work, art, plant medicine & the imaginal realm into our consultations

I am happy to guide your professional development as a therapist in practice

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